[p]roblox [message] - generates a roblox studio text file

[p]webpage [message] - generates an html file with the text.

[p]joke - sends a random joke. (thanks to:

[p]password - generates a random string for a strong password (dm's)

[p]quote - sends a random quote

[p]dogfacts - sends a dog fact

[p]dogimage - sends a dog image

[p]meme - sends a random meme thanks to

[p]wasted [@plr] - Generates an image with that users avatar as GTA wasted

[p]jail [@plr] - Generates the avatar in a prison cell

[p]rps [rock, paper, scissors] - play rock paper scissors with the bot!

[p]invite - Sends an invite link to get our bot!

[p]help - sends a link to this command page! (dm's)

[p]uptime - sends the bot's uptime info

[p]ping - sends back a Ping Latency in ms

[p]birb - sends a bird image (broken)

[p]avatar [@plr] - sends avatar of the chosen user (broken)

[p]qr [message] - generates a QR code for the text (hald broken)

[p]dbl - sends the dbl stats for the bot (broken)